my big kallax
maintaining self
psyckologicl needs
ikea pencils
index of problems to come
gouache on paper
modernist bark huts
gouache on paper, 30x18cm, 2014
cadmium yellow
paint to be gr8
dark spot corrector
sluggish frumps
bunting dies
nipples suck
modernist couch
my brain
cute cat frame
myGOV green
the one-eyed reader
good with my hands
my thighs
flabby thighs
art party
hard-edge abstraction
happy notworking
tell me why
kale in jail
crapp apps
smashed avocado
ugly hair
download dog pictures
love portals in peril
new research
the collar is sharp
french garnishing cutter
nice drink
private-school boys
bra goes out
cat crafts
cats can hurt your feelings
eyebrow swooshes
cuddle theory
gouache on paper 30 x30cm approx
silent shredders
hide from your computer
the slacks are rude
the singing niggles
too much joy
gouache on paper, 30x18cm, 2014
unawesome I am
gouache on paper 30 x20cm approx
crappy art
gouache on paper 30 x20cm approx
leda's nasty slippers
original is gouache on paper, 30x18cm, 2016, also A3 giclee print
ez ways into abstraction
trotting along
big beard
ugly slippers
new ways of being
miroslav sasek I love you
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